Thursday, January 16, 2014

Golden Plate Awards

One of the well known rules when travelling is "Eat where the locals eat!" This can be easier said than done.What if you are a local and you still don't know the best places to get a bite to eat? This can be even worse. With an overwhelming number of choices in Vancouver alone it can be a little hard to find that perfect restaurant. One local newspaper has been solving this problem!

For the past 16 years readers of the "Georgia Strait" and Vancouverites have been participating in the annual "Golden Plate" awards. By casting a vote readers are able to share the best restaurants, bars, lounges, and cafes in the Lower Mainland.

Covering over 165 topics there is something for every diner and drinker! The best part is there is weekly prices awarded to those who vote. You just have to answer a minimum of 30 questions and you are automatically entered to win.

So follow this link and vote for your favourites! Remember there might be a BC company or too so make sure to vote for them if you see them!

Happy voting and happy eating!