Thursday, January 16, 2014

Restaurant Review of the Week

Receiving rave reviews from almost all its customers there is no reason to check out this amazing Indian Cuisine sit down restaurant. Boasting some of the best butter chicken Vancouver has to offer most people cannot get enough of it.

Offering a full Indian inspired menu, along with vegetarian and vegan options there is truly something there for everyone. Opening its doors more than a decade ago, Handi has received numerous awards for its food and service.

With a team truly passionate about what they do you will be blown away by the service, the chefs and of course the meals.

Getting almost all positive reviews from customers and critics alike, Handi is not to be overlooked. With some saying "It is the first restaurant that taught me the taste of India!"

Handi has three fabulous locations, each as great as the next. Located in Burnaby, West Vancouver, and Vancouver it is not a restaurant to miss!

Don't have time to go out and enjoy? Handi offers BC Restaurants online ordering option here so make sure to check it out!

Golden Plate Awards

One of the well known rules when travelling is "Eat where the locals eat!" This can be easier said than done.What if you are a local and you still don't know the best places to get a bite to eat? This can be even worse. With an overwhelming number of choices in Vancouver alone it can be a little hard to find that perfect restaurant. One local newspaper has been solving this problem!

For the past 16 years readers of the "Georgia Strait" and Vancouverites have been participating in the annual "Golden Plate" awards. By casting a vote readers are able to share the best restaurants, bars, lounges, and cafes in the Lower Mainland.

Covering over 165 topics there is something for every diner and drinker! The best part is there is weekly prices awarded to those who vote. You just have to answer a minimum of 30 questions and you are automatically entered to win.

So follow this link and vote for your favourites! Remember there might be a BC company or too so make sure to vote for them if you see them!

Happy voting and happy eating!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Restaurant Review of the Week!

Since coming to Canada 30 years ago, the restaurant business has always been a passion for Dream Sushi Chef Ken. Located in Vancouver on Dunbar St., Dream Sushi is a fantastic place to stop by for a bite to eat. 

With a very warm and welcoming staff it is no wonder customers are continuously returning and raving about their eat in experience. Dream Sushi is known for their reasonably priced rolls. Offering an even healthier option they have recently introduced brown rice rolls too!

The other great thing about Dream Sushi is they have online ordering! This means that you can order on the go, on your phone or computer, without even having to place a phone call. Try their online ordering here!

Give them a visit! Stop in and if you print this coupon you can get an even better deal! 

So next time you are wanting a delicious sushi experience, try Dream Sushi!

Top 5 Places to use Online Ordering

At BC Restaurants we are all about giving you convenience when it comes to ordering. We do this with coupons, restaurant reviews and even with online ordering! With online ordering it means you can pre order right on your phone or computer without having to make a phone call!

 Here are our top 5 places to use the online order option!

 1. At work. You don’t need the whole office to know what you are having for dinner! This was you can discreetly purchase your meal and pick it up on the way home!

 2. In a meeting. You don’t want to have to step out, but if you need to order dinner quickly simply do so on your phone or laptop and no one will be able to tell the difference.

 3. Public transit. There is nothing more annoying than the loud conversations held by some travellers on the train and bus. Avoid being that person by ordering online, right on your phone! Then pick it up on the way. 

4. At home. Sure in the privacy of your own home it might be okay to call and place your order, but if you are watching a movie or TV show you don’t want to interrupt just to order dinner.

5. When you’re sick. It’s unavoidable, especially this time of year. Let’s face it we all have colds and the flu. Ordering online can be done on your phone or laptop right in your bed or on the couch. Sometimes with free delivery, you may not even have to leave the house.

So here you have our top five places to use online ordering! Give it a try by choosing one of our many restaurants that offer it here and let us know where you used your online ordering for a chance to get a coupon sent directly to your facebook inbox!