Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Waterfall Sushi: Sushi at its Finest

Waterfall Sushi sushi prides itself on providing customer's with the highest quality sushi for a rather inexpensive price. An example of this is how they charge $0.50 per extra roll and $0.25 per extra sushi. This most certainly includes their daily special above, $14.95 lets you choose any 3 items while coming with a Miso soup and a salad.
Fresh and tender, the only two words that can I say for their sashimi without spoiling it for you. 

Here are some coupons, please print them and show them to restaurant staff to redeem:

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Commercial Sushi: $9.95 buys you 3 out of 105 items and FREE miso soup

Commercial Sushi: $9.95 buys you 3 out of 105 items and FREE miso soup

Commercial Sushi has just opened near the Commercial-Broadway skytrain station and already is turning heads with its Amazing Commercial Combo, bolstering 105 items  to choose from. You can create your own combo of 3 items from this huge selection and receive a FREE miso soup for only $9.95. Anywhere else, ordering the same items would cost well over $12, great savings!
Commercial Sushi

For more savings, look no further than their Sushi Special. For $6.95 you can choose 3 out of 24 items and get a FREE miso soup. 
Commercial Sushi

Guess what, they even have coupons for you too. Just make sure to print them and show them to restaurant staff to redeem marked discounts:
Commercial Sushi Coupon

Commercial Sushi Coupon

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Broadway Station Sushi Japanese Restaurant: Sushi Deals Bonanza

Broadway Station Sushi offers customers a diverse menu to choose from, they have many notable dishes that complement our favourite sushi dishes. They have Kiwi, Red Snapper and all sorts of dragon rolls, even a Lady Dragon Roll. The menu page included below will give you a better idea of what to expect.

Ordering for a group, no problem. Broadway Station Sushi offers Party Trays that are fresh and ready to serve for any occasion, order a day in advance to receive 10% off your order.
Broadway Station Sushi Japanese Restaurant is located conveniently near the Commercial-Broadway skytrain station (1638 East Broadway, #101 Vancouver, BC). 

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Asian Tasty Restaurant: 10% off Entire Order, Grand Opening Special

Asian Tasty Restaurant: 10% off Entire Order, Grand Opening Special

Enjoy a unique blend of Asian cuisines (Asian, Chinese, Malysian and Thai) made by our signature chef, Zhao Hui Liang, with 10% off your entire order. Celebrating Asian Tasty Restaurant's Grand Opening at 11611 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC. Coupon is valid until August 31, 2013.

Please click link below for coupon, print a copy and show to restaurant staff to redeem discount:
Asian Tasty Restaurant: 10% off Entire Order, Grand Opening Special

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The #1 way to save money at Restaurants in BC : Review Rewards Program
Since 2003, has been BC’s largest online restaurant directory, containing over 7,000 restaurants and reaching over 400,000 visitors per month. We have been providing multiple programs to help customers discover BC through its multicultural dishes across the province. Recently, restaurants were having some difficulty getting their customers to leave reviews about the performance of their restaurant. Without this vital feedback, owners of this establishments were losing the ability to improve their dishes and prospective customers as well. As a solution, has created a Review Rewards program which gives away coupons (ex. 15% off, $5 off and even free dishes) to customers who leave reviews for restaurants who are participating in this program. Restaurant owners are grateful for the word-of-mouth created by this program and we expect more restaurants to take notice of this program.

Sign up for Review Rewards and start earning coupons today! Review Rewards Sample Coupon Mali Thai Review Rewards Sample Coupon’s Participating Restaurants Waterfall Sushi

Waterfall Sushi (Japanese)

152 W 2nd Vancouver, BC V6J 1H2
Waterfall Sushi Review Rewards
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Waterfall Sushi Coupons : Broadway Sushi

Broadway Sushi (Japanese)

163 East Broadway, #101 Vancouver, BC V5N 1W1
Broadway Sushi Review Rewards
Broadway Sushi Coupons

Commercial Sushi (Japanese)

2575 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 4C1
Commercial Sushi Review Rewards
Commercial Sushi Coupon Yan's Garden Chinese Restaurant

Yan's Garden Chinese Restaurant

9938 Lougheed Highway Burnaby, BC V3J 1N3
Yan's Garden Chinese Restaurant Review Reward
Yan's Garden Chinese Restaurant Order Online
Yan's Garden Chinese Restaurant Coupon : Dream Sushi

Dream Sushi (Japanese)

4401 Main Street Vancouver, BC V5V 3R2
Dream Sushi Review Reward
Dream Sushi Order Online
Dream Sushi Coupon : Sushi Aoki

Sushi Aoki Japanese Restaurant

1888 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V6J 1Y9
Sushi Aoki Review Reward
Sushi Aoki Order Online
Sushi Aoki Coupon : Kitsaya Japanese Restaurant

Kitsaya Japanese Restaurant

3105 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V6K 2H2
Kitsaya Japanese Restaurant Review Reward
Kitsaya Japanese Restaurant Coupon : Red Star Chinese Restaurant

Red Star Chinese Restaurant

3731 50 Avenue Red Deer, AB T4N 3Y7
Red Star Chinese Restaurant Review Reward
Red Star Chinese Restaurant Order Online
Red Star Chinese Restaurant Coupon : Mali Tahi Restaurant

Mali Thai Restaurant

2710 Main Street Vancouver, BC V5T 3E8
Mali Thai Restaurant Review Reward
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Mali Thai Restaurant Coupon’s Restaurant Programs


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FoodSafe Certificate Good for 5 years?

JUNE 7, 2013

FOODSAFE certificates issued in BC now good for five years; Refresher courses on tap
Vancouver, B.C. – Research shows that 95% of people who took the FOODSAFE Level 1 course five years ago or earlier would fail the exam if they wrote it today. That’s why all new FOODSAFE Level One 
certificates issued in British Columbia will have a five-year expiry date, starting July 29th 2013.

To help FOODSAFE Level 1 Certificate holders keep their food safety knowledge up to date, FOODSAFE will be launching an inexpensive and short FOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher course. It will be offered online by Open School BC starting September 2013.

“A recent BC Centre for Disease Control study found food safety refresher training significantly improved workers’ food safety knowledge. Improved food handling skills results in safer food for people eating out in BC,” says Lorraine McIntyre, BCCDC food safety specialist and author of the FOODSAFE Knowledge Retention Project.

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, four million people – one in eight Canadians – get sick with a domestically acquired food-borne illness every year. Most feel ill with gastrointestinal symptom such as vomiting and diarrhea for a few days and then get better. However, this can be life-threatening for especially vulnerable people including children, pregnant women, the elderly, and other immune compromised. 

Though existing FOODSAFE certificates will be valid until July 29th 2018, for the people who cook and 
serve food to groups like these, there is no substitute for frequent review of food safety.
The three hour long refresher course will cover all the essentials of the FOODSAFE Level 1 training 
program. A grade of 80% must be achieved in the exam to be recertified. 

The FOODSAFE course was developed in 1986 as a voluntary course, and until now, certificates were 
issued in BC without expiry dates. Today, more than 45,000 British Columbians become certified in 
FOODSAFE every year. Every operator of a food service establishment, and at least one staff member on every shift, must have a valid FOODSAFE certificate (or its equivalent). FOODSAFE certification has been a legislated requirement in BC for food service establishments since July 1, 2000.

FOODSAFE is a comprehensive food safety training program for the food service industry jointly 
developed by the BC FOODSAFE Secretariat, and the BCCDC. 

Online at:

Mr. Lynn Wilcott
FOODSAFE Steering Committee Chair
BC Center for Disease Control 
(604) 707-2455